Our commitment to innovation, quality, and service has made EZ Diamonds one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small, excellent-make round diamonds up to 0.75 carat.
For three generations, EZ Diamonds has been known for its straightforward and transparent way of doing business, allowing our customers to order exactly what they need, in the timeframe they need it.
Reliability, consistency and use of the latest technology are the cornerstones of our business and distinguish our entire process from start to finish.

With roots going back to the well-known international diamond company ESPEKA, and later YEI, EZ Diamonds provides the reliability and expertise that our customers have come to expect  for over 50 years.
We use the most precise sorting methods in the industry, allowing us to fulfill almost any order or specification. You receive exactly the stones you want without rejections, delivered quickly with availability on short notice.

We hold an inventory of more than 4,000 assortments sorted by color, clarity and size, and offer our customers a closely monitored, meticulously consistent supply of the finest small round diamonds. Each parcel is precisely matched to the specifications of your order, ensuring a consistent delivery every time.

Every item in our inventory is priced fairly according to its current market situation. We don’t believe in haggling or quoting inflated prices, making the purchasing process easy, cost-effective and hassle-free.
EZ Diamonds - Reliable. Consistent. EZ!