Manufacturing & Polishing

Rendering each stone to its full potential

EZ Diamonds operates two manufacturing plants in Panyu and Zhuhai in southern China. These are among the world’s largest and most technologically advanced diamond-polishing facilities. Together, theyemploy over 2,500 highly skilled workers including experts in rough and polished stones, dedicated polishers, experienced sorters, and specially trained inventory-management personnel.

Our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including manual and laser polishing tools, to ensure that every rough stone is rendered to its full potential of fire, brilliance, and perfection.

• Super Diode (Lightwave Technologies) and TRIVENI water-jet-guided laser cutting equipment (Sahajanand Technologies)

• Automatic bruting equipment with customized cameras

• Laser blocking machines

Our high precision polishing techniques yield exceptional quality. Individual polished parcels are then evaluated according to industry and company guidelines.

All equipment, machinery, and operations at our plants and offices comply with the most stringent international standards. We take strict security precautions in all of our facilities, including 24 hour surveillance and anti-theft mechanisms built into our daily work processes.