EZ Process

Combining skilled personnel with advanced technology

As a specialist in excellent-make round diamonds, we employ a highly skilled workforce that utilizes advanced equipment and technology to make expertly cut diamonds at precise proportions. Our goal is to bring out the absolute best of every stone.

We have developed the EZ Code to allow you to easily navigate our extensive inventory, order parcels that meet your exact requirements, and re-order with ease.

Our process includes the following elements:

Rough purchasing: critical evaluation of each individual stone for maximum end value
Manufacturing: sophisticated equipment, expert workers, and full manufacturing control  guarantee high-quality results
Sorting: sorting techniques of unsurpassed precision,based on size, purity, color, and sieve
Pricing: fair, competitive pricing without hassles or surprises
Stock management: over 4,000 precision-sorted parcels in stock to fill any order (from bulk to hand-selected custom assortments)
Services: superior sorting, ordering and customer services