The greatest factor in the beauty of a diamond

The make of a diamond refers to how well a stone is cut, faceted and polished.We bring out the full beauty of each stone through the delicate interplay of light, proportions, and finish.

 Light: The overall effect of the diamond’s internal and external reflection of white light. This is referred to as its fire or scintillation.Our well-cut stones internally reflect light from one facet to another, exuding brightness and brilliance. They have even patterns of bright and dark areas with strong contrast, and are characterized by their “high” fire.

 Proportions: The complexity of the various angles and relative measurements of the polished stone, and their balance and relationship to one another. Our diamonds meet superior standards of excellence benchmarked against 14 different characteristics, including:

  • Total depth (57.5% to 63.0%)
  • Table (52% to 62%)
  • Crown angle (31.5º to 36.5º)
  • Pavilion angle (40.6% to 41.8%)
  • Star facet length (45% to 65%)
  • Girdle thickness (thin to slightly thick)
  • Polish and symmetry (excellent to very good)

 Finish: The quality of the polish and the overall condition of the surfaces of the finished diamond. Our polishers use microscopes and advanced machinery to produce a brilliant polish, maximizing the optical qualities of every stone.

Our symmetrical, well-proportioned diamonds possess a precise cut, high quality polish and make the best use of light to create bright, fiery, and sparkling stones.