Stock Management

We track and monitor our 4,000 in-stock parcels efficiently- from procurement to shipment

Our 4,000 in-stock parcels are sorted into numerous combinations according to size, purity, color, and sieve.

Our in-house stock management staff uses our EZ Code system in combination with sophisticated internal software to track each parcel from purchase to shipment to reorder.

This dedicated team:


  • Performs QA prior to shipment;
  • Double-checks orders;
  • Monitors and tracks shipments;
  • Handles logistics for safe, secure shipments;
  • Manages special orders.


The individual attention we give to each parcel- and every order- saves you and your customers time and money. You can buy with confidence, knowing that you will receive the exact diamonds you ordered, without rejections.

Technical personnel maintain and update our software and computerized tracking systems to keep all of our operations running smoothly and reliably.