Our values define the EZ Diamond vision

For us, upholding the values that distinguish our company as a reliable and trusted source of fine-make diamonds is the key to our continued growth and success.
For our customers, it’s our transparency, our reliability, and our consistency that make working with EZ Diamonds pleasurable, convenient and easy (or as we like to say, “EZ”).

Over the years, we have dedicated our entire operation to the following key values:

Optimization: To optimize every rough stone and bring out the best of its natural beauty and brilliance.

Exacting standards: To precisely sort our polished stones into the most discrete and specific categories (by size, purity, color, and sieve) ever attempted by any diamond manufacturer.

Fair pricing: To keep a finger on the pulse of the market in order to price our parcels fairly.

Superlative service: To create a superior customer experience by providing personalized and consistent service for every order and by considering and anticipating our customers’ needs.

Advanced technology: To constantly develop and upgrade our computerized systems and to ensure utmost efficiency across all of our operations.

Constant innovation: To remain an industry innovator and future-focused company that brings customers new and ever-improving ways of dealing with diamonds.